How to Decorate a Charming 1950s Bedroom

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 - Vintage Bedroom
1950s Bedroom Decor

Old fashioned house can be so charming, somehow. The 1950s room design is undeniably casual but also romantic, warm, and, the most interesting thing is: budget friendly. You can get all of these advantages if you decide to decorate your bedroom with 1950s style. Then, how are the best ways of decorating a 1950s bedroom? Here are the answers.

1950s Bedroom Characteristics

Before decorating your bedroom, firstly, you have to know the 1950s bedroom characteristics. By using the furniture and items that meet the characteristics of old styled rooms, you will definitely get the atmosphere of living in a beautiful vintage house.

  1. Color and Ornaments

When it comes to old fashioned furnishing, you will need bright or sometimes soft paint to beautify your room. It will be okay if you want to choose the plain white paint for the walls, but you can still add the vintage taste by paint one or two pieces of furniture in your bedroom with turquoise or other bright colors.

Not only color, but ornament or pattern has also become an important characteristic of 1950s bedroom design.  The most common pattern that is often used to embellish the wall or some items like curtain and bed sheet is botanical or floral pattern. If you do not like this kind of pattern, you can try using animal patterns like birds or butterflies.

  1. Natural Materials

The use of natural material is the key to add the look of mid century-modern style. It will also give a rustic impression, but still nicely polished.

Tips on Decorating A Charming 1950s Bedroom

To create a typical 1950s bedroom look, you can implement some of the following tips:

  1. Hunt for vintage items

One of some good points of hunting for vintage items is the fact that you will likely find it in places like antique shops and second hand stores that usually sell their items for quite an affordable price.

  1. Add some unique things

Vintage items are quite different from the typical modern items that are mass-produced and sold in many furniture stores. Therefore, one of the best tricks of giving a vintage touch to your 1950s bedroom is by placing some unique things that are unexpected to be there. For example, the antique plates, collection of old fans, old globes, old maps, etc.

  1. Be creative

In decorating your vintage bedroom, you have to think creatively. The vintage design is one of a kind, so you do not have to follow the rule of how to place matching furniture, and the likes. It is because the only rule of decorating vintage bedroom is to explore your creativity.

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